Connection to 60+ eHealth Devices. At your Patients' Fingertip.

Remote patient monitoring platform built on Tactio's vast multi-million mobile health tracking experience that delivers home health tracking of Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Diabetes, Cholesterol and more from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from A&D Medical, BodyMedia, Fitbit, Fitbug, iHealth, Jawbone, Medisana, Mio, Nonin, Telcare, Wahoo Fitness and Withings connected health devices.


Live Patient Monitoring.
Clinical Measurement Logging.

Tactio RPM6000 is the mobile remote monitoring app that allows the monitoring of multiple patients each using RPM1000.
See key health and fitness indicators together, sortable, all color coded to medical rules with drill-down capabilities. RPM6000 enables efficient remote care by letting you glance rapidly at the chronic disease patients that are losing control over your lifestyle prescriptions. Modify their health targets remotely. Add text, audio or photo notes anywhere, anytime.


Synced on a Secured Cloud

Tactio RPM7000 is a  secured cloud designed to keep RPM1000 and RPM6000 applications in sync.  Tactio RPM7000 provides an OAUTH API so third parties can securely pull or post data such as integrating an existing Patient Web Portal system for example. Tactio RPM7500 provides a Health Coaching and Messaging interface that can be used to drive patient behaviour changes and customized care plans.


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