Tactio Health App

Lose Weight. Stay Fit. Keep Track of all aspects of your healthy active lifestyle. That's what Tactio Health is about. With it you will get a much broader perspective on your weight. You will see where you stand in percentile for height and weight. You will get your BMI. You will see your Body Fat and Waist to Height Ratio. That's just the beginning, it will show you how your weight issues may impact other aspects of your health such as the risks associated to Type 2 Diabetes, or Cardio-Vascular incidents.

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TargetWeight for Adults

TargetWeight is the simple weight tracking app that people love to use to simply track their weight and see their BMI in colour as per the BMI recognized medical rules. TargetWeight Pro goes a step further in providing a TargetWeight type experience with a few additional fitness tracking pages. And whenever you are ready to get more engage in the New You that you aim for, get TactioHealth or upgrade to TactioHealth and import your TargetWeight Data from the Tactio Health Cloud.

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TargetWeight for Teens

TargetWeight for Teens is a simple weight tracking app that is designed specifically for Teens. It is quite exclusive as most apps provide BMI charts made for adults. TWT integrates the CDC growth charts and as such provides a BMI reference that is different for boys and girls on a monthly basis, from 13 to 20 years of age. That's a lot of BMI references in the same app, but using it is very easy.

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