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Basic troubleshooting

Sometimes some problems are very easy to fix. We would like to suggest by starting via these two basic steps before contacting us. It is very important that you DO NOT delete the app because we cannot do anything to recover your data.

1. Restart the app

Restarting an app can solve your problem because when you open and close an app, it still continues to run in the background of your device. Some bugs can be easily fixed by restarting correctly the app. To do it, you have to double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar. Your most recently used apps will appear on the screen, in order starting from the left. Flick to see more apps. Slide the TargetWeight app to the top of your screen to close the app completely.

2. Reboot your device

To reboot your device you have to hold the wake/sleep button at the top right corner of the device. Hold it until a red slider appears. Then slide with your finger to close the device. It can take a few seconds before it closes. This procedure will help your device to restart correctly.



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What Target Weight should I set for myself?

That is a key question! The ideal weight for you is the weight that makes you feel great in your body, that makes you happy with yourself and with others. It is not possible to provide you a specific weight for you. If it would be possible, we would have done that for you already.

What we provide you are several indicators to help you make sense of where you would feel better and healthier. For most people, it is a combination of several factors, often the Weight, Weight Percentile, BMI, Body Fat and other health parameters.

Consider the BMI as a range you should aim for. If you are very muscular, do not try getting in the green zone as your BMI may always be in the yellow “overweight” range and you may just be fine like that. The BMI is not perfect for everybody. It is an indicator like others.

Body Fat for example is another data point you should consider.

And your weight percentile does tell you something also. For example, if your height is in the 75th percentile, then your weight being in the 75th percentile may be just fine, even if that makes you a heavy person in terms of your weight.

So it is with a broader perspective by looking at several indicators altogether that you can determine where your ideal weight should be. As you measure and track yourself and feel the progress by seeing even more like your blood pressure improving for example, then you will easily see where you feel better and what weight suits you best.

And if you feel that you truly do not know, then ask for help. Ask your doctor, pharmacist, dietitian, personal trainer, etc…

A red badge with a number shows up on my TargetWeight icon, what does it mean?

The number in the red badge on the launch icon is the number of pounds (or kg) you need to lose (or gain) to reach your Target Weight.

We are often asked to add a setting to enable this as an option. Our answer to this is that removing this red badge is very simple, you just need to lose or gain the weight to reach your TargetWeight, not only it will then go away but you shall also be offered a Target surprise.

If you truly want to remove the badge, then press on the top right white arrow, select ‘’Settings’’, choose   the info page and set it for one of the options: weight to target, days to target or simply turn it OFF.

I just started using TargetWeight, but I would like to enter previous weights of myself, is that possible?

Yes of course. Go to the info page and select Edit Weight History.

Why should I use the Online Backup Service when I have Apple's iCloud?

Apple iCloud can be used to automatically backup your entire iOS device. So if you lose it or something happens, you can restore your apps and their data from the last backup that iTunes has saved on iCloud and start on a new iOS device from that. But you cannot restore your TargetWeight data alone without restoring your entire iOS device: all your apps, all your data! The Tactio Online Backup Service is the easiest and safest way to backup your data and to restore only your TargetWeight data on any iOS device, in fact as many as you need.

Sometimes users ask if the Tactio Online Backup Service uses their iCloud capacity. The answer is NO. Tactio’s service does not use iCloud for storing anything. But Tactio’s Online Backup Service will eventually use iCloud for provide you new cool features that we can not disclose right now. Activate your subscription and stay tuned for the new features that will be added to the online service shortly!

How is my BMI calculated?

In TargetWeight, your BMI is calculated by taking your current weight in kilogram and divide it by your height in meter squared which gives the famous BMI unit of kg/m^2, as created by Adolphe Quetelet in 1850 or so.

BMI is thus a very old way to rate the obesity level of a population and still today the most widely method to do so, used by doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, various other health professionals, governments and health organizations.

BMI is often criticized as a metric for rating obesity because contrary to a lot of belief, for the adults over 20, it does not account for gender, age, body fat distribution, muscular mass, skeletal frame and so forth. But it is still today the most widely used formula by health professionals to provide guidance as to what is a healthy weight range.

Beside BMI, other parameters can help greatly in keeping track of your weight and health. Body Fat, Waist circumference, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and so forth are all great indicators you should consider tracking.

New studies are showing a growing importance to measure waist circumference, as it seems to have as much importance on health as BMI.

So, it is provided in TargetWeight and the BMI Apps as a guidance only so you have the same chart as the doctors use. But do not take this as the only way to rate your healthy weight. Doctors will provide more depth by reviewing the entire scope of your health and conditions. If you are not sure about something related to your weight or health, do not hesitate to see a doctor. TargetWeight is not a replacement for it as clearly stated in the EULA.

If I delete the App, does it delete my Weight data?


Deleting your app will delete all your weight, height and personal data you have entered into it. Be careful if you delete it.

Subscribe to the Tactio Online Backup Service to safeguard your data online. It’s free. New features are being developed on this backup service infrastructure that will bring you even more ways to keep the focus and enjoy a more active and healthier lifestyle!

Is TargetWeight a diet?

µp>TargetWeight is not a diet in the sense you may believe. TargetWeight is not about shipping you food, have you log everything you put into your mouth, have you eat all kinds of things that you do not enjoy so on the next event or birthday you just go nuts, start craving and leave behind only to realize that all your efforts have vanished, you are back to the same weight as before dieting, often even higher then when you started.

TargetWeight is about helping you understand your body better, measure it and track its changes so you get motivated from real measured results. TargetWeight is about motivating you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle that you enjoy, about eating what you like but making tiny changes that will make a true long-term effect on your overall wellness. TargetWeight is about sharing these results with others so you can socialize your success and you can benefit from double positive effect of the self pressure you then create plus the coaching that you get back from your friends and family.

And when you decide to make it happen, your measured results will make others around you want to feel the same and as they feel and see your results then they will start to follow your lead, and the more people around you live an active healthier lifestyle the easier it will get for you to live it also, and everybody will have fun and be happy about it.

So, TargetWeight is not a diet. TargetWeight is a way of easily self-tracking yourself to a healthier, more active a new you. You are the agent of change in your family. You have the power to do yourself and others a lot of good. You can start now and make it happen. TargetWeight is there to help you all the way!

How can I transfer my TargetWeight data into TargetWeight or TactioHealth?

While TargetWeight PRO and TactioHealth are an upgrade to TargetWeight for Adults by sharing its foundation and several visuals, it is also different in many ways since they have so much more features and are also a Universal App, which means that they run on iPhone and iPod Touch, but also on iPad in full screen resolution mode. So technically speaking, the PRO and TactioHealth are a separate app. That means the TargetWeight data needs a path out of TargetWeight to be able to get back into the PRO and TactioHealth version as an import.

This is one of the many reasons we had implemented an Online Backup Service so that with your TactioID credentials you could move your data from one Tactio app to the other and it would be a snap!

So, when you launch TargetWeight PRO or TactioHealth for the very first time, you need to select the “Yes import my data” option when first prompted. You type in your TactioID and voilà! All your weight history and personal profile will be imported automatically.

If you have never subscribed to the Online Backup Service in TargetWeight for Adults, then you can simply do it now prior to upgrading to the PRO or TactioHealth version or if you have very little data you can also simply retype it in the other version using the built-in History Editor.

Since iOS4 came out, closing my App does not truly close it. Here's why!

Here’s an iPhone tip that a most users do not know about!

When you press the home button to get out of an App, most people believe that the App was shut down, but it was not!

Indeed, the App is still running in the background. Double-click the home button and you will see the whole screen kind of lift itself, revealing a bar at the bottom with all the Apps currently running in memory. You can scroll them left or right, or touch them to get back to them.

If you truly want to close an App, you need to touch it in this bar at the bottom, and wait until it starts to wiggle and show a minus sign “-” on it with a red badge. Then pressing this minus sign will truly close the app.

Be careful! If the red badge with the minus sign shows an “x” and not a “-”, you are not at the right place and could be deleting the app and its entire content! If that is the case, do not press anything else then the home button to get out of this mode.

Is it recommended to track my blood pressure regularly?

Weight can be influenced by the amount of water and sodium in the body, so measuring your blood pressure in a weekly basis is a good a way to have a proper health status.

So, TargetWeight for Adult and TargetWeight PRO do help you to track your weight. Monitoring your blood pressure is only available at TactioHealth.

What do healthcare professionals recommend to get a healthy lifestyle?

We have asked lots of doctors about what people should do to be healthier and how we could help them focus on simple things that they control and that would change their lifestyle for a healthier one.

The responses almost always pointed towards reaching a healthier weight, reducing the sodium content of their food, drinking more water and being physically more active.

Why is TargetWeight only for Adults, not for Teens?

The answer to this is easy. BMI for adults is the same across all ages and gender. For teens, it varies monthly from age 13 to 19 and also is gender specific.

So, BMI for Teens is mathematically much more complex to compute then for Adults.

This is why we had published a specialized version called TargetWeight for Teens which has the computation methods for teenage health.

If you are a teenager and you have health related questions, you should visit, a web hosted solution for Teen Health with whom Tactio Health Group has relationships for your benefit.

TargetWeight PRO and TactioHealth do integrate both TargetWeight for Adults and TargetWeight for Teens data computations. So, if you track yourself and you want to keep track of a teenager as well, just add them as new users and when you set their age, their BMI will be measured according to different CDC references. For teenagers, the BMI does vary with age and gender, unlike for adults.

I would like to use TargetWeight on my iPad, is a specific HD version planned?

TargetWeight HD is actually called TargetWeight PRO or TactioHealth. TargetWeight Pro and TactioHealth are a universal app that runs both on the iPhone/iPod Touch iOS devices, but also on the iPads 1, 2 and 3rd generation as a native iPad HD app, running in full screen resolution.

So, when you have TargetWeight PRO or TactioHealth, you have the iPad version of TargetWeight at the same time. And with the Online Backup, you can restore your data from your iPhone to your iPad very fast and easily.

Can I export my weight data from TargetWeight?

Yes, you can export your weight and height data by selecting this function in the info page (touch the small “i” on the home screen). This will create an email export of your data that you can send to yourself or whoever you need to send that information to for the purpose of keeping an external copy or further analysis using another software application such as Excel.

Some new ways to export/import data are being developed as additional features of the Online Backup Service. Stay tuned for more!

Can I delete weight data from TargetWeight?

Yes, you need to go to the “History” page by either touching the History button on top of the weight entry page or by selecting the “edit History” from the menu on the info page (small “i”). When you see the weight entry you want to delete, just swipe it from left to right and delete it. It’s that simple.

I have forgotten my 4-digit password for TargetWeight, can I get it reset by Tactio Support?

When the password was set by yourself, TargetWeight has reminded you twice after having warned you once before that you would need to remember this 4-digit password somewhere for future reference. If we had set a magic code to reset passwords, then this would quickly get known and the password would no longer be a password.

So the answer is NO, we cannot reset passwords. You either have to enter 4-digit codes that you might have selected until you find it, or you delete the app and reinstall it, but remember that deleting the app will delete all your weight data.

But if you have an active Tactio Online Backup Service, even if you lose your 4-digit password you can simply delete the app, reinstall it and restore your data using your TactioID. If you forgot your TactioID as well, then ask our support group, when you have an online backup with Tactio, there is a lot of things Tactio can do for you to help you sort issues you may have.

Can I import weight data into TargetWeight in an automated way?

You can insert previous weight as described in one of the question in this FAQ.

But to import a large number of weight data entries in an automated way, you will need a few upgrades and additional functionalities that we are currently testing on our Tactio Online Backup Service infrastructure.

So the answer is shortly. Stay tuned!

I am using a Withings body scale, can I get TargetWeight to sync with it?

Yes of course, our app are translated in many languages.

Yes of course. TargetWeight, TargetWeight PRO and TactioHealth of course support Withings WiFi Body Scale so you can enjoy the benefits of a health system that automatically updates itself as you weigh yourself.

You can even purchase the Withings scale in the info page of the app with a special 10% discount for TargetWeight users.

Withings WiFi Body Scale so you can enjoy the benefits of a health system that automatically updates itself as you weigh yourself.

Is my weight data backed up by TargetWeight?

For free, your weight data is backed up by iTunes every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes. The way TargetWeight records your weight data is integrated with the automated iTunes backup service. You can restore your data by restoring your entire device, not just TargetWeight. For that you need the Tactio Online Backup Service.

For free, you can also go to the info page (by touching the little “i”), and select the “Export your weight data” to send yourself or someone else all of your weight and height data by email, or simply retype it into another Tactio App like TargetWeight PRO or TactioHealth .

For free, you can activate your Tactio Online Backup Service subscription which removes any worry about your data. It runs in the background and safeguards your data using SSL encryption on Tactio’s servers. In fact, it runs so smoothly in the background that some users reported issues thinking that it did not work! In fact, it was working daily for them but they never realized that it was there. The service was engineer to be seamless to the user experience. With the online service, you can move your data to the PRO or TactioHealth version or restore it on your iPad so you can see your charts on the gorgeous large screen of the iPad.

How can I create a backup account at TactioHealth Cloud ?

You should press on the white arrow on the top right corner. Select “Settings” and choose “TactioHealth Cloud”. Use your email address to create your TactioID and enter a password of your choice. Then press “Done” on the keyboard, a “New Account” pop-up message will appear to give you the possibility to create your TactioHealth Cloud backup account. Press “Create” to complete your subscription.

I have a problem with the App, what should I do first?

Go to the AppStore on your iPhone and check for updates. Perhaps your TargetWeight is not the latest version. Tactio does provide fast support response time and as fast as humanly possible fixes and new features through AppStore Updates. All Updates are posted on Tactio’s website in the support section. All TargetWeight updates are also announced on Twitter @TargetWeight and on TactioHealth Facebook fan page.

Since iOS4 came out, multitasking is enabling us to do many great things with our iPhones, but it is also keeping apps running in the background, which sometimes can cause what looks like a problem, especially after an App update as an example.

So if you do have the latest version, first you should completely close the App by double clicking the Home button, then by removing it from the “Currently Running Apps Tray” at the bottom of the screen. BEWARE not to delete the App itself, only the running instance in the tray at the bottom. DELETING an App deletes all its data with it and unless you have subscribed to Online Backup Services, your data could be lost by deleting the app itself.

Then Power off your iPhone or iPad by pressing the close button on the top right and by sliding the red “Power Off” button on the top of your screen.

Now, turn on your iPhone or iPad again and when it is ready and connected to its services, launch the App again to see if the problem still exists.

If these steps do not fix the problem, then contact us by email at

Note that posting negative ratings on iTunes does not help since we can not reach you so we can not understand nor solve the problem from iTunes comments. Often these reviews are misleading to others that may never experience the problem you have or that use our support to find workarounds or get it fixed. So please make sure you allow Tactio Support 24hr before you post a review on iTunes following a problem.

Can I use TargetWeight for Adult in another language than English?

Yes of course, our app are translated in many languages.

TargetWeight for adult is available in 9 languages. To change the language of your app you have to go on setting device and change your setting language.

I love using TargetWeight, how can I support Tactio for this great app?

If you love using TargetWeight, TargetWeight PRO or TactioHealth, please visit iTunes and give them all the star rating they deserve, and write your comments and stories on how TargetWeight has helped you reach your target and maintain a healthy weight, what you like from it, how you use it daily and what you would like to see added to it in the future.

That support you give us on iTunes is our energy and reward for working on this and to deliver more of what you need and ask for in the future.

We work hard to build all these apps and online systems to support them all. We also work hard to support all of your requests and act on them as fast as humanly possible.

We design, develop and support everything in North America so our code is not shared with external companies nor is your data. And we are trying to bring high end, sophisticated apps and systems yet easy to use and result oriented programs at prices compatible with the new “AppEconomy”.

So a way to support us is obviously to buy our products but also to recommend them to your friends and family so they can benefit from them as well.

Thanks a lot in advance for your loyal support. From the bottom of our hearts, we sure hope that we can make a difference in your life.

How can I reach Tactio support?

You can contact us by email at

Or you can use our support page on our web site ( It has a form where you can explain what you need from us.

Please keep in mind that we get a high volume of emails, not just for problems, but also for people sharing their great stories with us, thanking us for helping them focus and get healthier, sending us new ideas and so forth. We do read everything and we do our very best to respond to all of you.

How can I change my weight and height unit?

You have to press on the weight button and then choose the unit of your choice at the bottom on the screen. Enter a new weight and save it with your new unit. All your measurements will be automatically converted to your unit of choice. Use the same procedure with your height to change its unit but instead of pressing on the weight button only select the height button.

How can I get more information about each healthcare indicator?

On the “My Health” page, you will find a healthcare summary of each part of your health tracking data. Each measurement is associated with a color that places you within a range. If you press on the healthcare indicator, you will see a description along with tips to improve your lifestyle. This feature is only available in the TactioHealth app.