Before Your Morning Shower...

On the scale, just before you enter the shower, use Tactio's TargetWeight on your iPhone to track your weight and manage your target. With Tactio's rigorous TIP-Mapping (Thumb Itinerary Process Mapping), it takes only 6 seconds to enter your weight!

Use it daily or weekly and TargetWeight will keep track of your weight, show you how it evolves towards your target weight, helping you focus and be more conscious about it, even when it is just an icon on your home screen. Indeed, TargetWeight's innovative use of the red badge on its home icon, shows how close you are getting from your target weight, even when it is not even 

At the Gym...

Working hard in the gym to gain that muscle mass... With TargetWeight you can enter your weight before or after each workout in just 6 seconds and have TargetWeight track your weight and how far you are from reaching your goal. When you pick up phone calls the next day, you will see that red flag on the home icon reminding you all the time of how close you are as you progress towards your target weight. A new tool in your gym arsenal to self manage your target and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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