Personal Dashboard

TargetWeight opens up your personal weight dashboard with everything you need to know. Your height and weight, your Body Mass Index, its relative category, and obviously, your target weight and the date at which you want to achieve that target. At the bottom you will find a chart that updates each time you enter another weight or set a new target.

All you need to do is touch any information you see to bring up the right page or visual element to edit it. Entering your weight is all you need to do daily to keep the app working for you and help you focus on your target weight. Only 5 seconds every morning or a few times per week!

Body mass index

The BMI button is colored according to the category in which the BMI falls into. When you touch it, the BMI interactive table is displayed with the BMI large smoked glass slider showing you immediately where you stand. Move the glass panel with your finger to see how much you need to gain or lose to change category. It's that easy! It's fun, handy and simple... isn't that what Apps are supposed to be?

Red badge display on the app icon

Even when TargetWeight is not running, its launch icon on your home screen will show a red badge with how many pounds or kilograms you need to gain or lose to get to your target weight. It will appear just like counts of email, SMS or voicemail, so it stays private but TargetWeight reminds you how much effort you still need to put in to get there, every time you use your iPod Touch or iPhone. So whether you want to gain or lose weight, it will help you track and keep the focus.

Discuss targets with your parents or your doctor

Remember to be careful about setting targets. BMI is simply an indicator and while we can not change the medical labels on it, you may be perfectly normal as you are if you feel good about yourself, if you have a larger frame, if you are muscular and so forth. Before you set any target you discuss it with your parents or with a doctor to help you set the right target for your healthy wellbeing.

Healthy lifestyle

Getting to your right weight is an important step towards living a healthier lifestyle. If you smoke, do yourself a great favour and quit smoking. Eat smart. Try to avoid chips and fries, soft drinks and cookies. Take time to enjoy fruits and vegetables, the ones you prefer. Try to drink water on a regular basis. Exercise regularly and be active. Walk, take the stairs. Help yourself achieve a healthier weight using TargetWeight but mostly using yourself. You have the power in yourself to live healthy. Choose health. Life is a long sequence of choices. You will become the reflexion of these choices. Choose the healthy paths, you will enjoy life much better and you will be a positive driving force for all your friends.

We at Tactio provide you this app for free because we want you to have the right tool to gain control and live a healthy life.

Important notice about BMI

The BMI ranges and data used in this App is referenced in the application's info page and is applicable to teenagers only, male and female, 13 years old up to 19 years and 11 months. Adults of 20 years and above, children under 13 and babies should never be ranked with neither this BMI chart nor the percentiles provided in this app; other apps are available for their age groups such as Tactio's Adult BMI, Child BMI and TargetWeight for Adults.

All about you

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Supported Devices

iPod Touch, iPhone 3/3GS, iPhone 4


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthy Weight - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle! 

World Health Organization

Global Database on Body Mass Index 

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