iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Ready

Tactio iPhone 6 Ready

Tactio RPM1000 is iOS 8 Ready

Tactio RPM1000 v6.1 has been tested on iOS 8 on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Portait mode as well as iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Retina, iPad Air, iPad mini & iPad mini Retina in both Portrait and Landscape modes.

Tactio iOS8 Screenshot

HealthKit Data Integration *

Tactio RPM1000 App integrates data from HealthKit and for each data field, an ON/OFF switch is available in the App.

HealthKit data fields that you can integrate in Tactio RPM1000 are Weight, Height, Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Sleep, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation & Body Temperature.

Please note that while the Steps are not included in the v6.1 version, they are already captured directly by Tactio RPM1000 via the on-device M7 and M8 chips as well as the Moves App. With the Moves App, steps are captured on-device in Android as well.

* HealthKit Integration may be delayed to subsequent update.

Tactio Healthkit Screenshot
Health App

Health App Integration

HealthKit Tactio Diagram

Tactio RPM1000 App has a range of connected health data sources already integrated such as activity trackers, scales, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, oximeters, glucometers and thermometers. Now with HealthKit integration, Tactio RPM1000 App can source additional data from any health and fitness app or device that publishes its measurements to HealthKit. In v6.1, Tactio RPM1000 App does not publish data to HealthKit.

Tactio RPM1000 App Screenshot

In iOS 8 Health App, Tactio RPM1000 appears in the Apps list under the "Source" tab.

Tactio Health App Screenshot

In Tactio RPM1000 App Connected Health Page, v6.1 adds a new section on top called the "On Device Sources". In this example, you see the iOS 8 Health App, the on-board M7 coprocessor and the Moves App, all data sources that are available on the iOS device. When editing your data in Tactio RPM1000 App Journal Page, the source is identified as "Health App (Type of Original Source)" where the type shown here is a manual data entry into the iOS 8 Health App.


Touch ID Secured Access

Tactio RPM1000 on iOS 8 now automatically detects the presence of iOS 8 and Touch ID feature on the device to offer Passcode/ Touch ID locking and unlocking of the App, providing unprecedented secured access to your data. The feature is exclusive to iOS devices equipped with Touch ID fingerprint sensor iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus and running iOS 8.

Tactio TouchID Screenshot

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