Our Brand

"Tactio" is a latin word that means the "sense of touch".

Touch has two profound meaning at Tactio.

First, as all our software applications are designed, developped and tested for being used without keyboards for their ease of use, simplicity and your benefit, we wanted to emphasize their "multi-touch" user interface feel.

Also, we wanted to blend in the connection we are aiming to create between the health systems, the health professionals and "the rest of us", those with daily lives, families and various health issues or incidents. We want our software applications to make you be more in touch with your health, your lifestyle and the one of your loved ones.


About Our Company Logo

The Tactio Health Group logo tells a lot about what Tactio is all about. The Rod of Asclepius, showing a single snake on a rod and no wings is the official symbol of medicine. The Caduceus, showing two snakes and wings, has been the symbol of commerce, has been used in astrology and alchemy, and in North America often also used to represent medicine. We see the American medicine "Caduceus" symbol as showing the need to share medical and technology expertise, and to work as a team to come to the healthy results we all aim for. We also see the wings as a great symbol of freedom. The freedom that losing weight provides to the overweight and obese. The freedom that reversing type 2 diabetes provides. The freedom that healthy behaviour, smart eating choices and an active lifestyle brings us all. The freedom that being healthy fosters. Then the top of the rod on our logo is the WiFi symbol. To us, this is a very important part of what we thrive to do. By making medicine and wellness connected through the various mobile, telecom and IT technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth or ANT+, we bring automation to health and wellness tracking, thus providing the benefits without the burden of data entry. Finally, the Tactio logo symbol is placed at the center of a blue disk, that represents the earth, because we strongly believe that everybody on the blue planet deserves to know about their health and wellness, deserves to be able to track themselves and their loved ones, and do it with simplicity and profoundness.