Tactio Health Group

Tactio develops multi-touch, cloud computing based software applications that aim at bringing Internet market dynamics to the Health and Lifestyle industry, known as "Health 2.0", by providing solutions that instead of reactively track diseases, rather bring to the market a series of proactive applications that help people manage a healthy lifestyle.

You managed your personal finance for years...

For years, people have gone from having a financial advisor to self management of their personal finances. During that time, the diversity of financial products, the complexity of the offering and the vast amount of information about them and the markets could have made it much more difficult to manage alone. Yet that trend was made possible because the underlying tools were made available to manage personal finance. They were Quicken, Money, Kiplinger, and now Mint.com pushing the ease of management even a step further.

...Why not manage your health and lifestyle? Yours and your loved ones?

Now we are seeing a similar shift towards the self management of health. Likewise the diversity of treatments, medication, news and information makes us more aware than ever before and yet the offering is getting complex with public and private health systems, insurance coverage and so forth. We all know today that if one waits for the doctor to find out an illness, then that is the recipe for bad surprises. Finding a doctor is not easy neither. And how often have you been to the doctor, only to remember a few hours after all that you forgot to ask. With the proper tool you can have all that information and all these questions handy, at your fingertips, at the right time.

Health for non-health professionals

Tactio research team works hard to design and build the tools that self management of personal health requires. Of course your health record will get electronic if it is not already. Have you ever read your medical record? Did you understand most of it? Do you believe the doctor's terms and jargon to describe what you had and the analysis results are all nice and clear, readable and usable? For te doctors, yes, of course... But for you? You are probably more used to reading health related information that was digested for you and the rest of us, the non-doctors, places like WebMD for example.

So easy to use... All you need is one finger

Tactio software apps are made for you. They are made so you can better manage your health and the one of your loved ones, without requiring medical expertise. First, they are all touch based. That means the only thing you need to use them is the tip of your finger. Yes, just one finger. Everything is thought out so you do not have much to type in, much to do, just touch icons and answer some questions and you will see Tactio software apps fill up and get alive so you can live healthier by better managing your health and lifestyle.

Personal and Family Apps

Tactio has a strong family culture. By family we do not only mean the ambiance in our team, we mean family as in the traditional and timeless mom, dad, and children,... your family. Tactio founder has been married for a couple of decades and with five children, he understands very well the requirements to manage health from a family perspective. And so does most of Tactio software specialists which have families of their own and profoundly understand the requirement. That is why Tactio Software apps are all available in two versions, Personal and Family.

Your Privacy is important to us

Because Tactio Software apps run on the iPhone, and because their information is stored on the iPhone memory, the data is safe and sound, right into your pocket and available a finger tip away, any time, all the time. A backup of that data is made automatically on your Mac or PC when iTunes perform it sync process on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Your information is not available anywhere else. Tactio does not use any of that information for any purpose. Tactio provide you with the tools to help you manage your healthy lifestyle, but the information you input is yours and only yours. You should expect never to get disturbed by some popup or overlaid advertizing that is mysteriously related to some of the information you have stored into Tactio software apps.