Scalable, Powerful & Trusted

RPM7000 is the cloud that powers TactioRPM and provides storage, syncing, push notifications, credentials forwarding and integration support.

Audited and trusted by some of the world's most well-known healthcare companies, RPM7000 is used by several thousands app users daily, making it effectively scalable to sizable patient population.



RPM7000 sports an Oauth API so third parties can connect with the RPM7000 to create accounts, post or get health data, generate reports and build diverse set of healthcare related integrations such as Corporate Wellness Platforms, Weight Loss Clinics, EHRs, Patient Web Portals, Health Services Call Centers, Fitness Centers and Gyms, etc... 



Because the security and privacy of your patients to heart, we are proud to say that all the hardware, software and servers used for the RPM7000 are securely configured on HIPAA compliant redundant hosting.



Servers isolated and behind firewalls
Communications encrypted and protected by SSL
Log Monitoring and Management


Best-in Breed Hardware
16 Gbps Fibre Channel


Remote Patient Monitoring

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