RPM6000 - Clinical App - Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM6000 Clinical App

Tactio RPM6000 provides health professionals a multi-patient dashboard view and fast access their patients health data entered manually or collected via connected health devices. Drill-down capabilities offer instant additional details, while PDF report and CSV data export allow in-depth analysis.


Drill down into patient data

RPM6000 - Drill down data
RPM6000 - Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

The RPM6000 will classify the glycemia and A1C on the adequate age range and physiological condition (e.g. Pregnancy and Gestational diabetes). The app will calculate the insulin sensitivity and carb-to-insulin ratio and if required insulin adjustment. Also, critical state messages are displayed in the case of glycemic variations that lead to hypo or hyperglycemia. This educational software will save precious time between physicians and patients so they can focus on other important aspects of this disease.

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Health Report

The RPM6000 creates a customizable PDF health report showing all the most important patients’ health indicators. It displays all data related to your medical expertise in conceded charts. You can have an overall view of the patient health status and more importantly understand the trend of the data overtime.

RPM6000 - Health Report

Chronic Disease Management and Benefits

The RPM6000 is an mHealth software which can reduce utilization of health services for people with chronic diseases with long-term conditions and social care needs, while improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals utilizing the RPM6000 can observe a significant positive effect on the patient’s knowledge, social support, behavioural outcomes (e.g. exercise and medication adherence) and clinical outcomes (e.g. BP, A1C levels and BMI).

The healthcare professional app (RPM6000) remotely exchanges data with the patient app (RPM1000) to assist in the management of different health conditions. Examples include blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, pulse oximetry, heart rate, mood, body temperature, etc. These technologies are generally provided to patients with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, CVD, COPD, CHF, among others.

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