RPM1000 Support


Basic troubleshooting

Sometimes some problems are very easy to fix. We would like to suggest by starting via these two basic steps before contacting us. It is very important that you DO NOT delete the app because we cannot do anything to recover your data.

1. Restart the app

Restarting an app can solve your problem because when you open and close an app, it still continues to run in the background of your device. Some bugs can be easily fixed by restarting correctly the app. To do it, you have to double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar. Your most recently used apps will appear on the screen, in order starting from the left. Flick to see more apps. Slide the RPM1000 app to the top of your screen to close the app completely.

2. Reboot your device

To reboot your device you have to hold the wake/sleep button at the top right corner of the device. Hold it until a red slider appears. Then slide with your finger to close the device. It can take a few seconds before it closes. This procedure will help your device to restart correctly.



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