RPM 1000 - Patient App - Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM1000 Patient App

Remote patient application built on Tactio's vast multi-million mobile health tracking experience that delivers home health tracking of Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Diabetes, Cholesterol and more.



Mood Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks mood using its own self-report mood rating system. Knowing how your mood varies within the weekdays and weekends provides better insights to improve your quality of life.

Sleep Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 monitors your daily amount of sleep from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from Jawbone, Garmin, Fitbit, BodyMedia, Fitbug, and iHealth. Also, the system calculates the average of the last 30 days, weekends, and weekday. 


Weight Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks Height, Body Weight, Body Fat %, Waist Size, Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Height Ratio from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from Fitbit, iHealth, Medisana, Wahoo Fitness and Withings scales.

Pregnancy Management

Tactio RPM1000 guides  pregnancy by educating you about prenatal care and also provide guidance in more complicated health conditions such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.


Physical Activity Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks both cardio and strength physical activities by manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from RunKeeper App.

Daily Steps Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks Daily Steps from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from BodyMedia, Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone and Withings Activity Trackers.


Cholesterol Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol (TC)/HDL ratio, TC, and Triglycerides by manual entry into the app.

Blood Pressure Tracking 

Tactio RPM1000 tracks Systolic, Diastolic, Resting Pulse and Mean Arterial Pressure from manual data entry or automated eHealth sync from iHealth, Medisana and Withings BP Cuffs. Tactio RPM1000 also computes the user Heart Age from BMI and Lipid-based data as well as health related profile questions.


Fasting Glucose Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks Fasting Blood Glucose by manual data entry into the app or automated eHealth sync from Medisana or iHealth.

Diabetes Management

Tactio RPM1000 monitors Blood Glucose, A1C, tracks insulin and oral antidiabetic agents. Also, for users using insulin, Tactio RPM1000 calculates insulin sensitivity, carb to insulin ratio, and makes insulin adjustment, if necessary.


Heart Rate Tracking

Tactio RPM1000 tracks pulse and heart rate from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from Mio and Wahoo Fitness.

Nutrition Plan

Tactio RPM1000 provides a personalized nutrition plan with day-to-day, meal-by-meal calories with the explanation of where this plan comes from in terms of resting metabolism, weight loss plan and physical activity. Tactio RPM1000 disables this function if user sets an "unhealthy" weight loss plan. 


Pulse Oximetry

Track blood oxygen saturation from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from connected health oximeters.

Body Temperature

Track body temperature from manual entry or automated eHealth sync from connected health thermometers.

Health Coach

Tactio Health Coach - RPM7500

Tactio RPM1000 delivers "just-in-time" personalized messages to coach the user the best practices of preventive healthcare. The simple presence of the app on ones iPhone or iPad generates reminders for weigh-in, BP, Cholesterol, family doctor checkup, dentist, eye exam, breast auto-exam, prostate cancer screening, etc. 

Backup and Sync - RPM7000

Tactio RPM7000 provides an automated secured cloud system of the user's data so it is always backed up from the mobile device in case of being lost or stolen. Also, Tactio RPM7000 provides sync for Tactio RPM1000 users on multiple mobile devices such as an iPhone and an iPad. In addition, Tactio RPM7000 manages the sharing of Tactio RPM1000 data with the clinical app Tactio RPM6000.


Electronic Health Devices

Tactio RPM1000 supports a wide variety of eHealth interfaces to its partner's medical devices and apps. That includes various body scales, blood pressure cuffs, activity monitors, glucometers, heart rate trackers, and fitness coaching apps.

Health Report

Personal Health Report

Tactio RPM1000 generates a complete Personal Health Report right from the app in a single PDF that can be viewed, printed or shared by email or SMS to anyone. All the data. All the charts. All the computed factors and color coding.

Health Journal

Multi-Media Notes & Journal 

Tactio RPM supports note taking in text, audio or photo format. That can include anything from test results to food notes to an audio recording of any kind. All the notes are organized with the measurements in a chronological journal.

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

Tactio RPM1000 computes the following health risks and displays charts to let the user know about the risk, its ranges and where the user stands in the ranges. They are Framingham 10-Year General Cardio Vascular Disease Risk, Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Metabolic Syndrome.


Tactio RPM1000 is iOS 8 Ready

Tactio RPM1000 v6.1 has been tested on iOS 8 on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Portait mode as well as iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Retina, iPad Air, iPad mini & iPad mini Retina in both Portrait and Landscape modes.

Tactio iOS8 Screenshot


Remote Patient Monitoring

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