New Patient Relationship

Patients come to your pharmacy on a regular basis to get their prescription drugs or renew them. Engage them in a new relationship, one that complements their doctor’s and values yours as a pharmacist and important part of
their care team.


Connected Health

Activity Trackers. Scales. Blood Pressure Cuffs. Glucometers. Oximeters. They are all getting connected. TactioRPM integrates with all this connected health data into a science based system helping them control their chronic diseases. As a pharmacist, you are the professional they trust for their health.  Coach them into a new lifestyle that will make them healthier, happier and more closely connected with your pharmacy.


Pharmacotherapy Support

From activity tracking to diabetes control, with blood chemistry and immunization, TactioRPM engage patients in a new relationship. Have the data you need to adjust their pharmacotherapy or make science and data based recommendations to their doctor.


Medication Tracking

Mobile apps have the power to engage your patients into a new medication management experience, a new pharmaceutical professional practice, one that is much more personal, patient centered and caring, 24/7 without requiring much more time from you because the power of secured mobile health apps and connected health devices is there for you to grab and embrace, today.