Digitize the patient experience with apps, questionnaires and off-the-shelf IoT

With secured messaging and automated health coaching, TactioRPM provides a platform to truly engage patients to make good decisions for their health. Interact with patients through individual messages or implement your organization’s preventive care standards with just in time, contextualized, health reminders. 

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Tactio can help you digitize your product, regardless of patient condition


“81% reduced A1C by average of 17%”

- MAJOR US HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Diabetes pilot program (2016)

Robust, reliable and proven architecture, all available to your clients, customized and white-labelled to your brand

Tactio's rich API makes it easy to integrate with your existing patient web portal and electronic health record. Our clinical web portal also allows you to use TactioRPM at its full extent without any need for an external system. 

Clinicians that you sell to can monitor all their mobile patients from the web

TactioRPM clinical interfaces are designed through projects working with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, researchers and other health professionals.
One page is all you need to get a quick overview of your entire patient population. Available online, you can interact with your patients from anywhere. 


Expand the value of your product with IoT integration, all tested, functional and maintained for you

TactioRPM integrates hundreds of different wearables, scales, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, thermometers and apps. Taking into account technical and demographical aptitudes, our team recommends the combination of connected health devices to effectively support your program.


Secured & HIPAA Compliant. Tactio helps you deploy digital monitoring services in various markets like FDA, HC, CE and Anvisa

TactioRPM is hosted on HIPAA-compliant, high reliability hosting solutions. Application data is encrypted and password-protected to the complexity settings of your choice.