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Tactio uses technology powered by TactioRPM (apps, IoT, forms, surveys & messaging) to create digital patient experiences that match your care delivery or remote monitoring needs in lightning delivery speed


84% Healthcare organizations have attempted using mHealth

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Empower your health.
Digital. Mobile. Connected.

Tactio Health integrates hundreds of apps & medical devices to support you with tracking, risk assessment and coaching. While digital fitness apps strive to bring out the athlete in you, Tactio is focused on making you healthy and aware with programs like smoking cessation, weight loss and diabetes self-management.



4 million users worldwide

Taking charge of diabetes, HTN, ATH, COPD, CHF and obesity.


What if I stopped smoking?

Tactio Health has more than 5,000 science-based medical rules to help you understand how you can become healthier. For every step you make, every weigh-in, blood pressure log or any other measurement, it computes your health risks for cardio-vascular, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.


Your health timeline

Let's just say, connected health data can become... overwhelming! Tactio Health chronologically lists every measurement collected along with the source and the associated reference color. Green is good, yellow so-so and red means you need to shake things up. Simple!

Working for you 24/7

Tactio Health automated coach support you with science-based feedback about healthy behaviors, trends and chronic condition management. Whether it's logging your blood pressure in the morning, avoiding salty foods at lunch, going to bed a little earlier, or warning about low sugar levels, coaching programs help you keep your health condition under control. Specialized programs are available for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, COPD & pregnancy.


Connects everything

Tactio Health integrates hundreds of apps & medical devices. Embrace self-care with the Internet of Things (IoT) using popular apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, & Apple HealthKit or Bluetooth medical devices from Welch Allyn, Roche, Nonin & A&D Medical.

Tracks everything














Blood Pressure




Pulse Oximetry

Body Temperature


Lab Results






Cardio-Vascular Screening


Metabolic Syndrome Screening


Type 2 Diabetes Screening

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