Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem with the app, what should I do first?

  • Force quit the app (iOS: double-click on the Home button, swipe the app up to close it. Android: click the Recent Apps button and swipe the app to the side to close it) and start it again;
  • Check if you are running the latest version of the app in the App store/Google Play store;
  • If the two above options don’t work, try rebooting your device.
If your problems persist, contact

How can I reach Tactio Support?

You can reach our support team by sending us an e-mail at

Can I enter previous values for measurements?

Yes! When you create a new entry in the logbook, you can select the date and time for the measurement. So, if you want to enter your weight from last month, you can!

I made a mistake, how can I edit or delete an entry?

  • Go into the logbook;
  • Find the entry you wish to edit;
  • Swipe left on it;
  • Click on the blue pen icon that shows up;
  • Edit the value.

Alternatively, you can click on the red trash can icon to delete the entry and you can create a new one.

How can I change the units used for measurements?

If you want to change which unit is used for a specific measurement, you can do it under the “units” option in the settings page.

You can select the units for:

  • Distance (mi, km);
  • Waist size (in, cm);
  • Energy (cal, kJ);
  • Height (m, ft);
  • Blood exams (mmol/L, mg/dL, g/L);
  • Body temperature (C, F);
  • Body weight (lb, kg).

Can I change the e-mail address associated with my account?

Yes, by contacting customer support with the e-mail address used to create the account.


      Hello, I would like to change the e-mail address associated to my account. My new e-mail address is

Be sure to reference the new address in the e-mail.

I forgot my password, how can I connect to the app?

On the login page, enter your e-mail address and click “Forgot your password?”. This will send an e-mail to your address containing a link which you can use to create a new password.

My Fitbit data is not syncing anymore!

To troubleshoot, first check that your Fitbit app is up-to-date and the data is accurate. If data is not syncing from your Fitbit device to your Fitbit app, you may need to repair your device to your Fitbit account.

If your Fitbit app is up-to-date, we may be having server load issues with Fitbit accounts. Do not disconnect your Fitbit account from Tactio since it can only fetch data from the moment when you first connect your Fitbit account to Tactio.

Please wait and continue using your Fitbit device as usual. The data should all be transferred to Tactio once our server issues have been resolved.

I need data from the app for my doctor. Can I export it?

Yes! You can generate a PDF report containing all your data for the period you want.

  • Click on logbook;
  • Click on the PDF icon on the top right of the screen;
  • Your PDF report is ready to be printed or sent by e-mail with the share button on the top right!
  • Click on the PDF icon on the top right of the screen;

You can select the period for which you need the report by clicking on “all” at the top of the report.

My [Bluetooth device] won’t connect to the app!

First, make sure that your Bluetooth device is not paired to any other device. If you are having trouble pairing, try killing the app (iOS: double-click on the iPhone button, then swipe the app up to kill it; Android: tap on the Recent Apps button and swipe the app to the side to kill it) and restarting it again. Then, try connecting your device again. If it repeatedly fails, contact customer support at

Can I import data automatically in Tactio Health?

Yes, using any of the connected health options we offer under the “Connected Health” section in the settings.

We currently sync data from these partner accounts (and more):

  • Fitbit;
  • Garmin;
  • iHealth;
  • Nokia Health.

We also support some Bluetooth connected devices from these manufacturers:

  • A&D Medical;
  • Nonin Medical;
  • Roche;
  • Teraillon;
  • Garmin;
  • Thomson;
  • Welch Allyn.

You can find the entire list of accounts and devices in the “Connected Health” section of the settings.

Is my data backed up by Tactio Health? If I delete the app, does it delete all my data?

All your data is linked to your Tactio Health account, not your device. Every single entry in your logbook is backed up on our cloud servers as long as you are connected to the Internet. You can log in from any device to access your account and you will be able to see every entry you’ve ever added to your logbook.

Can I use Tactio Health in a language other than English?

Yes! Tactio Health is now available in 18 languages. You can change it in the settings page.

How can I get additional information about each healthcare indicator?

In the screen for each of those indicators, clicking on your latest entry will bring you to a page we call the “Lifesaver” because it looks like a stack of Lifesaver candies. This page will show you the reference values for this measurement for people of your age, ethnicity and gender, and considers the diseases you have. The “i” at the top right of the page will give you additional information on the measurement.

How can I edit/set a goal for a measurement?

To set a target for a measurement, go to the settings page and select Targets. Tap on the desired measurement, enter your goal value and press OK. Your goals will appear on your lifesavers as a target icon to help keep you on track and motivated.

I love using Tactio Health! How can I support Tactio for this great app?

If you love using our application, pay us a visit on the App store/Google Play store and leave a good review! Our team particularly loves stories on how Tactio Health has helped you reach your health goals or your ideas to improve our product.