Dr. Eric Sicard, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Eric Sicard is a family doctor and biologist, with a strong interest for research and preventive medicine. Dr. Sicard has been practicing family medicine for over 20 years.

Dr. Sicard started his medical career as a Professor at University of Montreal, and as Director of the Family Medicine Unit of the Bordeaux Cartierville CLSC for 8 years, then as Medical Director of Physimed Health Group for 2 years.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Sicard practices family medicine with a large number of families in Montreal in addition to being the Principal Instigator of Algorithme Pharma (Medication development and testing) and also as the Medical Director of Gamma Dynacare, a well known medical test lab in Quebec.

Dr. Sicard has numerous medical consulting agreements for various hospitals: Ste-Justine, Notre-Dame, Saint Luc and St-Eustache. Dr. Sicard also has medical consulting agreements with Kraft, Packard, El Ran and the Canadian Postal Services.

Dr. Sicard practices what he teaches and coaches his patients in terms of their healthy lifestyle. Staying in shape, Dr. Sicard has been providing medical consulting for an expedition to Groenland (“Côte à côte”, 2010).

Joining Tactio Medical Advisory Board is for Dr. Sicard making an old dream reality. That is using his vast experience in family medicine, kinesiology, nutrition and sciences and blending it with Tactio’s mobile software and systems proficiency to make mass customization of personalized, preventive healthcare a reality that may one day help the whole world live a healthier lifestyle.