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Tactio digitizes the patient journey of your remote patients using mobile apps, cloud-based technologies and medical IoT integrations, assisting you all the way to program launch and much beyond.
Every care pathway, patient type, medical device and clinical research study involving patients today can benefit from Tactio’s expertise, experience and proficiency into redesigning them to become digital, mobile and connected.


Patient Assessment


Understand the patient journey by gathering all information.

We support patient journeys from pre-diagnosis through ongoing treatment. Having a solid understanding of the various stages of the patient journey, the barriers faced and the needs is crucial to architecting a digital and connected experience that helps patients feel supported in their journey and confident to move on to the next one.
By integrating business intelligence capabilities across the patient journey, we collect data, analytics, and actionable insights about patient expectations and history, improving the patient journey, as well as overall provider experience to improve outcomes, satisfaction, and revenue.


Identify the characteristics of the patient in the journey

Demographics & Technographics Patient Attributes

Patient Medical

Patient Needs, Goals, Feelings & Expectations

Patient Care

Digital Touch Points


Identify digital touch points in remote monitoring clinical pathway

From the patient journey mapping, we identify the digital touch points with the patients care along the journey to deliver the digitized content. We develop digital tools to improve patient experience from recruitment, appointment request, reminders, feedback, access to electronic medical records (EMR), etc.

 These capabilities form the key ‘digital touch points’ in a patient’s journey that keep them more engaged and proactively involved in their own healthcare. Digital touch points are central to attracting new patients, who are more empowered than ever before in their own medical care.


TactioRPM Solution


App-enabled remote patient monitoring (HIPAA, FDA, CE, ANVISA Class1)

Our systems are used by global healthcare providers for diabetes, COPD, CHF, cardiac rehab, bariatric, Whipple and orthopaedics surgery as well as other acute care programs for cancer and infusion therapy.
By configuring each digital item to be issued on the right digital touch point, according to the right rules and at the right time to provide maximum impact on the patient, our high-touch high-tech platform enables greater patient participation and improves the patient’s experience.


Mobile patient app collecting data from hundreds of apps & devices

Web clinical portal to monitor and remotely engage/coach patients

Health cloud secured & compliant with powerful APIs


Value-Added Services

Tactio Health continuously strives to deliver high-quality services to our clients.
We can provide the following value-added services focused on your needs, to help both patients, organizations and caregivers:


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