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Redesigning Patient-Centered Care

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Tactio uses technology powered by TactioRPM (apps, IoT, forms, surveys & messaging) to create digital patient experiences that match your care delivery or remote monitoring needs in lightning delivery speed. We assist you all the way from designing the patient journeys to program launch and much beyond.


Digital Touch Points

Every patient-centered digital program begins with assessing the patient journeys of today and evaluating those of tomorrow.  From recruitment to care delivery, home monitoring and remote engagement, we help you navigate throughout all the potential digital touch points to streamline an effective and engaging digital patient journey.


Remote Monitoring & Patient Engagement Apps

Using TactioRPM, we use robust mobile apps, IoT integrations, forms, surveys and HIPAA-compliant messaging to deliver a remote monitoring & patient experience that is uniquely adapted to your patient journey.

IoT Designed for Patients

TactioRPM integrates hundreds of different wearables, scales, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, thermometers and apps. Taking into account technical and demographical aptitudes, our team recommends the combination of connected health devices to effectively support your program.

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Wide-Ranging Use Cases

Our systems are used by global healthcare providers for diabetes, COPD, CHF, cardiac rehab, bariatric, Whipple and orthopedics surgery as well as other acute care programs for cancer and infusion therapy. By configuring each digital item to be issued on the right digital touch point, according to the right rules and at the right time to provide maximum impact on the patient, our high-touch high-tech platform enables greater patient participation and improves the patient’s experience.

White-Label & Services

Tactio apps can not only be configured to match your patient journey but also completely white-labelled to match your organization's branding identity. In addition to our customization services, we provide marketing support, digital coaching content development, technical assistance and professional training. 


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