How It Works

81% of patients in pilot program reduced A1C by an average of 17%

Senior-Friendly Bluetooth Glucose Data Capture

Blood glucose & A1C monitoring. Weight loss tracking. Physical activity log. Nutrition & medication plan. Education & engagement. TactioRPM covers all the above and much, much more with science-based mobile apps and connected health devices. In fact, it’s the only mobile solution that helps you connect with your patients to support and monitor their progress tackling all the difficult lifestyle changes required to maintain adequate glycaemic control and decrease the chronic complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes.


App-Empowered Patient with Self Management & Coaching

Research consistently shows that diabetes management is an application area where mobile health can enhance the quality of life for people living with chronic conditions. In order to do so, applications must cover the extensive array of lifestyle changes mandated by a diabetes self-management regimen and enable fluid collaboration between patients and care team members. TactioRPM Diabetes implements the best preventive care standards to incentivize patients to make transformative lifestyle changes, and gives you the patient-generated data and the engagement platform you need to improve your chronic care management workflow.


Assessing Diabetes Risks


“The MARS includes four sections (engagement, functionality, aesthetics, information), a total quality score. The top scoring app [Tactio] scored 28.61 (over 30) and integrated all six diabetes management tasks.”

Diabetes Journal (2017)

T1, T2 & Gestational Diabetes Monitoring with everything else you need such as Obesity, Hypertension and Atherosclerosis

Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes patients can track their blood sugar with a connected glucometer and as a clinician you'll be able to monitor them, coach them and engage with the ones that most need your help.

Clinical Dashboard