How It Works

Peak Expiration Flow

Senior-Friendly Bluetooth Spirometer Data Capture

Launch the app. Tap on "Measure FEV1". Blow and watch the tubes fill-up on the screen, calibrated according to reference groups.

Peak Expiratory Flow Data Capture

App-Empowered Patient with Self Management & Coaching

FEV1 Data Management

COPD Remote Patient Management Solution

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Capture FEV1 using a connected spirometer. Have all the measurements fed back to your clinical portal with smart alerts, questionnaires and secured two-way messaging. Patients can receive timely questionnaires via the COPD coach into the patient app


COPD Patient Monitoring. Track their Oximetry, Peak Flow, Activity and more...

Smart alerts can help you manage lots of COPD patients remotely. Whether they do not comply with their regimen or measure values above or below their critical zones, you'll know from your integrated clinical dashboard

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Connected Health Integrations