Close the Measurement Gap Without
Compromising Data Quality.

TactioRPM monitors your research subjects between periodical clinical measurement sessions. This data not only gives your study more power but a better, deeper understanding of your subjects’ symptoms and behavior. 


Subject-generated data can be restricted to connected health devices only.

All measurements are tagged by device, user and time. Meaning that subject-generated data is distinct from clinical measurements.

TactioRPM can prevent subjects from editing or deleting data collected through connected health devices.

A New Way to Survey.

TactioRPM lets you take advantage of the proximity and convenience of smartphone and tablets to distribute effortless and interactive patient surveys.

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Clinical Research.png

Keep Subjects Active & Engaged.

With automated health coaching and secured two-way messaging, TactioRPM provides a platform to encourage, educate and incentivize subjects to make keep track with their study plan. Interact with subjects or groups through just-in-time, contextualized health reminders and messages.


All your Patients. One Dashboard. From Anywhere.

TactioRPM clinical interfaces are designed through projects working with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, researchers and other health professionals. One page is all you need to get a quick overview of your entire subject population.


CSV Export.

Our rich API gives you the set of tools to use your knowledge and expertise to get the data you want. Customizable CSV exports are available straight from your clinical interface, including deidentified data reports.


Secured & HIPAA Compliant.

TactioRPM is hosted on HIPAA-compliant, high reliability hosting solutions. Application data is encrypted and password-protected to the complexity settings of your choice.