How It Works


Senior-Friendly Cholesterol Data Capture

Lipid results can me manually entered by the patient in the app, by the clinician in the clinical portal or via and EHR if the system is EHR integrated.

Cholesterol Data Capture

App-Empowered Patient with Self Management & Coaching

Understandable cholesterol results. Our solution helps you connect with your patients to support and monitor their progress tackling all the difficult lifestyle changes required to prevent or delay the chronic complications associated with atherosclerosis.


Lipids Based Cardiovascular Risk Assesment

All your Patients. One Dashboard. From Anywhere.

TactioRPM Atherosclerosis implements the best preventive care standards to incentivize patients to make transformative lifestyle changes, and gives you the patient-generated data and the engagement platform you need to improve your chronic care management workflow.

Clinical Dashboard