Body Mass Index (BMI) / Growth Dashboard

Child BMI opens your child's BMI/Growth dashboard with everything you need to know. Your child's height and weight, Body Mass Index and its relative category, the growth percentiles for height and weight and a revolutionary chart at the bottom so you see the results instantly! All you need to do is touch any information you see to bring up the right page or visual element to edit it. Entering your child's gender, age, height and weight is all you need to do for activating the BMI calculation, category coloring and the growth chart bar at the bottom!

Body Mass Index

The BMI button is colored according to the category in which the BMI falls into. When you touch it, the BMI interactive table is displayed with the BMI large smoked glass slider showing you immediately where your child stands: Severely Underweight, Underweight, Normal, Overweight and Obese. >>> Should you have any concern about the BMI category of your child, you should always consult your pediatrician.

Growth Charts Right into Your iPhone or iPod Touch

From 2 to 13 years, any child can have its data entered and see their growth percentiles. Doctors use "Centers for Disease Control" CDC growth charts to provide percentiles; Child BMI calculates the percentiles from the data CDC uses to print the doctor's charts!

Exclusive Feature: Visual Growth Percentile

The doctor's growth charts are somewhat complex looking and you need to know how to lookup information on them to find your child's percentile. Child BMI displays a visual translucent bar on boy/girl outlines to show you these percentiles in a straightforward way. You will know right away if most children same age are taller or shorter, heavier or lighter. The Body Mass Index is the rating used by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by doctors. They are provided in Child BMI as an indicator only. >>> You should not take this information as a recommendation nor as a data point to take any action on your child's diet without consulting your pediatrician first.

Important Notice About BMI

The BMI ranges and data used in this application is referenced in the application's info page and is applicable to children only, boys and girls, 2 years old up to 12 years and 11 months. Adults of 20 years and above, Teenagers 13 years and over and babies should never be ranked with neither this BMI chart nor the percentiles provided in this app; other apps are available for their age groups such as Tactio's Adult BMI, Teen BMI and Baby BMI.

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