Michel Nadeau

Michel Nadeau - CEO & Founder


Note written during Spring 2009...

Computing today is easier then ever to use because it is mobile, because it is always connected to the Internet, and because the mouse and keyboard are now optional. Indeed multi-touch technology has enable the use of everyday computing by anybody with or without any computing skill or experience. Touching, sliding, pinching and expanding fingers on pictures and text make the use of computers as convenient as paper, yet so much more powerful.

Tactio performs R&D for the life science industry, buidling multi-touch software applications that enables off-the-shelf mobile phones and internet appliances to replace expensive, single purpose, dedicated medical devices and lifestyle systems.

At Tactio we are strong believers in Health 2.0. Health 2.0 is all about enabling the incredible medical expertise that is kept away from us by having doctors, nurses and assistants spend time filling out too many forms, not being connected to their patients in real time, with aggregated information a their fingertips, not being well networked with the pharmacists, with the prescription databases, needing too much time for billing and insurance form filling.

With new technology Health 2.0 will become a reality. A reality that will not only enable our hospitals and clinic to operate much more efficiently at a fraction of today's costs, but it will also enable remote medecine at highly reduced costs, reducing the digital divide and bringing highly skilled medical care to areas of the world where distance made it up to now impossible.

The future is great. Some of it is already in your hands today. Let us bring new software to enable all its power for your health and that of your family. We are both excited and proud to bring our contribution to make health care work better for more people.

 Michel Nadeau

Michel Nadeau