Mobile-Powered Remote Hypertension Management

Blood pressure monitoring. Weight loss tracking. Physical activity log. Nutrition & medication plan. Stress management. Education & engagement. TactioRPM covers all the above and much, much more with science-based mobile apps and connected health devices. In fact, it’s the only mobile solution that helps you connect with your patients to support and monitor their progress tackling all the difficult lifestyle changes required to prevent or delay the chronic complications associated with hypertension.


Science-Based Patient Support System

TactioRPM Hypertension implements the best preventive care standards to incentivize patients to make transformative lifestyle changes, and gives you the patient-generated data and the engagement platform you need to improve your chronic care management workflow.


Blood Pressure Monitoring

TactioRPM tracks systolic, diastolic, resting pulse and mean arterial pressure. Everything is color-coded to help patients understand their own results.


TactioRPM for the Care Team

TactioRPM clinical interfaces are designed through projects working with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, researchers and other health professionals. One page is all you need to get a quick overview of your entire patient population. Available online and on a mobile app, you can provide remote chronic care and engage with your patients from anywhere.


Covering the Full Self-Management Spectrum

TactioRPM gives you the patient-generated data and the engagement platform you need to improve your chronic care management workflow. Remote hypertension care requires monitoring an extended range of biomarkers and health measurements. We support everything you need to make better decisions daily.


Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) Management

With more than 50% chronic condition patients living with MCC, you can’t afford to use a different tool for each problem. TactioRPM gives you a single platform with a single point of data entry to help you do effective, integrated remote MCC care. 


Connected Health Integration

Compliance must be about taking better care of one’s health, not using apps assiduously. TactioRPM integrates with the leading off-the-shelf connected health devices to automate data entry and ensure data quality. 


CMS Reimbursement

Interested to learn how TactioRPM can help you claim the new CPT code 99490 for remote chronic care management and CPT code 99091 for remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions? We can help.


Embracing mHealth Apps & B.Y.O.D. Connected Health in your Organization?

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