How It Works


Senior-Friendly Bluetooth Blood Pressure Data Capture

Launch the app. Take your BP and watch the result popup on the screen, all color coded according to scientific reference ranges.


App-Empowered Patient with Self Management & Coaching

Tactio RPM1000 patient app tracks systolic, diastolic, resting pulse. Everything is color-coded to help patients understand their own results. Tactio RPM7500 Hypertension Coach provides automated feedback to patient from science-based medical rules and guidance from clinicians remotely monitoring patient right where it's needed.


Clinical Expertise Focused on Hypertensive Patients That Need It Most

TactioRPM Hypertension implements the best preventive care standards to incentivize patients to make transformative lifestyle changes, and gives you the patient-generated data and the engagement platform you need to improve your chronic care management workflow.

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