Cornell Mobile Doctors

Cornell Mobile Doctors

I had the chance to watch the 2015 Weill Cornell Medical College commencement this week as one of my son had completed his Masters in Health Informatics.

The ceremony was in New York's Carnegie Hall. It was filled with great speeches some full of research and scientific insights and others with inspiring wisdom for the new doctors and their upcoming career.

While seated in the balcony I was watching the new doctors below and it was amazing how many of them even during their own commencement ceremony where continuously on their smartphones. One of them said in his speech that most graduates were actually changing live their profile from "Med Student" to "Doctor" and very excited to do so without waiting another second!

I've always thought that the future of health is mobile. I've always focused on the patient side of mobile use. But it was obvious this week that the future of the medical practice itself is also mobile. Mobile is obviously the very first tool these new doctors will ever think of getting out of their pocket. When Dr. Topol writes about all the uses of mobile in the medical practice in his books, he is spot on to the future and this future is now as the picture above depicts.

Congrats to all the graduates and looking much forward to have you all evolve the medical practice for making it mobile, patient centric, connected and preventive!