Results of TactioRPM Pilot in a Senior Home Unveiled at Stanford Med X Conference

Results of TactioRPM Pilot in a Senior Home Unveiled at Stanford Med X Conference

--Montreal, Quebec. Results of a TactioRPM pilot project in a senior home will be unveiled today at the Stanford Medicine X Conference. In a presentation titled “Senior Patient Engagement Using iPad Dashboards, Connected Health Devices and Pharmacogenomics”, Roger Simard, Pharmacist and Founder of Pharmacy 3.0, will explain how senior patients equipped with connected health devices and sending over data to their pharmacist via the TactioRPM remote patient monitoring platform were empowered to make significant lifestyle changes losing weight and taking charge of their chronic conditions.

The pilot, a joint effort between Tactio Health Group and Pharmacy 3.0, equipped 40 residents between the ages of 60 and 89 with health monitoring devices as appropriate to their condition such as scales, blood pressure monitors and glucometers, and each received activity trackers that tallied their steps. These devices were connected wirelessly to either an iPad-hosted dashboard app or a digital hub that was deployed both at the pharmacy and at the senior facility. The biometric data was collected and analyzed by the Tactio RPM7000 secured cloud platform who then made it available for both patients and pharmacist to view on their respective dashboards.

Among the numerous apps and devices supported by TactioRPM, Pharmacy 3.0 selected specific devices from A&D Medical, Garmin and Glooko for their ease of use with elders. Also worth mentioning is the use of Amiigo that notoriously allowed to flag a patient who was found to have previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation.

 “When Roger came to Tactio in 2014 asking to help support his project, I was fascinated by his vision and determination to improve senior care with mobile technologies and connected health devices. There is a common belief that seniors can’t use these technologies effectively, yet we were amazed to see how fast Roger’s group embraced our platform and how enthusiast they were using technology to engage with their pharmacist. These patients deserve a lot of credit.” said Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., CEO of Tactio Health Group.  

“The project was successful beyond expectations”, summarizes Roger Simard. “Participants, many of whom had never used computers or devices before the pilot, became not only more knowledgeable about their condition but also far more aware when their biometric parameters weren’t within target range.”

Based on the pilot’s success, Le Groupe Maurice (senior home) has already expanded the initiative to three additional facilities and plans to implement pharmacist-directed remote monitoring in all of its residences. A Quebec based pharmacy chain, who funded the initial pilot, also plans to deploy TactioRPM in 15 of its pharmacies this fall. In those sites, pharmacists will remotely monitor patients with so-called Syndrome X – hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol – to see if the approach can improve patients’ condition management and/or health status.

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