Testimonial: Three Cheers for Medical Science, Technology and Hard Work

Testimonial: Three Cheers for Medical Science, Technology and Hard Work

Last week was a momentous occasion for a quantified-self geek and health freak like me.

Hi. My name is Paul. I am 56 years old and I'm a Tactio Health user. 

My story starts in August 2011, when I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle. My feet had both swollen badly whilst on a touring holiday in Scotland. As soon as my GP saw me she immediately sent me to a heart specialist and I was straight away placed on five different types of medication to be taken three times a day, and referred to another heart specialist at the local hospital. Following many tests I was ultimately fitted with an internal cardiac resynchronisation device and defibrillator in March 2012. 

The cardiologist who did the operation advised me that my ejection was only around 10%. A normal person's EF is around 50% - which certainly explained why I had to drive the four minute walk to work every day for many months!

Anyway, following a short recovery period, I was now feeling much better than I had done for many years, and by April 2012 I was keen to get fit again and resurrect my old hobby of hiking.  

I started out using RunKeeper to monitor the distances that I was walking at weekends, but as my health improved, I moved up to running, and started using other trackers like FitBit & Jawbone UP, and Withings scales and blood pressure monitors to record my overall fitness. This is where Tactio Health came in, as I really needed something to pull all this data together and make some sense of it.

Tactio Health proved to be perfect for this, as it automatically connects with my RunKeeper account, my Jawbone, and all of my Withings devices, and presents all of the data in a way that makes it very easy to understand, quickly see where I am making improvements, and which areas needs more of my attention. Overall health is presented in simple red, yellow or green symbols, showing you how well you are doing, as well as in precise graphs showing the exact measurements. 

At the last visit to my cardiologist, I received the wonderful news that my EF was back to 50%. Last month, I enrolled on a Fit4Life programme at my local gym, and I am now running up the hill that I once used to take three rest breaks just to walk up after work. Part of this success has got to be down to the help that Tactio Health provided - something for which I will be forever grateful. Thanks guys!

And what was the momentous occasion that happened last week? Nine green buttons on my home page on Tactio Health! That’s what! (Well I did warn you I was a geek.)

Paul Beales
24th February 2015