Fitness: Killing Two Birds With One Stone.

Fitness: Killing Two Birds With One Stone.

A New Year. Almost a week into 2015, we’ve probably all picked our new years resolutions by now. People usually set one professional and one personal goal. In fact, Tactio encourages a work-life separation as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Like many around you, perhaps you chose to pursue a fitness goal to improve your personal life. If you have, congratulations: you’ve just killed two birds with one stone. Incorporating activity into your day will improve both your personal and professional life. 

Research in Human Resource Management demonstrates a clear relationship between physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and one’s ability to manage the intersection between work and home. You may think of this as counterintuitive. Exercise, after all, is another draw on scarce time. It is intuitive for people to skip an hour at the gym when there are so many deadlines to meet. How could adding an hour of exercise help the work/life tradeoff? 

The first reason is largely predictable: exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress levels. Leaving stress behind helps workers think clearly, unhindered by negative thoughts or forthcoming chores at the home or the office. A reduction in stress, therefore, is equivalent to expanding time by increasing efficacy of that time frame. 

The second reason is self-efficacy: increasing one’s confidence in themselves to be capable of getting things done correctly and on time. This psychology of self-perception has a real impact on reality. According to psychologist Albert Bandura, people with high self-efficacy are less likely to avoid difficult tasks or situations, and more likely to see them as challenges to be mastered. Active professionals therefore enjoy greater self-efficacy, leading them to pursue their home and professional lives more confidently.  

Take this time to solidify your commitment to fitness for 2015, or adopt this as your resolution if you haven’t stuck to one yet. Consider what time and what kinds of exercise you enjoy and make it a lifelong habit. It will help you achieve better wellness overall by helping you better manage the tricky work-life balance. 

So if you have been feeling torn between having a better body and to be a better working parent or spouse, resolve to do both by making fitness a priority this year. TactioHealth keeps you accountable every step of the way by making gathering all your activity, nutrition, sleep, and mood tracking on one handy platform. 


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