Tactio Fitmas Season Part 3: The Fit Mind, a How-To Guide.

Tactio Fitmas Season Part 3: The Fit Mind, a How-To Guide.

Eating. Moving. All wonderful things in retrospect… until stress rears its ugly head.

The holiday season is often glamorized with lights, love stories, and nothing but laughter. The reality, however, can be very different. Family members ask uncomfortable questions, distant relatives may enforce expectations you don’t live up to, and financial restrictions make an abrupt appearance when shopping for gifts.

How can you manage these stressors? By being mindful of them.

Here is a step-by-step guide to re-evaluating and prioritizing for a better holiday.

1. Identify those things that make you miserable. Write them down if you have to.

2. Ask yourself: why am I doing these things that make me unhappy? Do I really have to? Make a simple list of the pros and cons for those holiday traditions you don’t enjoy.

3. Be conscious of what you’re doing. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. If old traditions aren’t working for you, it won’t work for you this year either. Challenge your assumptions and don’t be afraid to do things differently.

4.  Don’t overdo it. Stick to a few things that really matter. Instead of planning a five-course meal, stick to making one course you enjoy homemade. There is no shame in buying dessert from a local baker. What can you outsource or get help with? You don’t have to do everything by yourself.

5. Finally, stop thinking of how things should be. Forget the idealized notion of the “perfect” holiday. Most people have less than perfect gatherings and that is okay. If you feel stressed, that is okay too. Acknowledge your feelings, be mindful of your reactions to your emotions, and surround yourself with those you love and support you. 

So to add to balance, the second Tactio keyword is mindfulness. Be aware of your eating habits, try to fit activity in between quality couch time, and acknowledge your stressors.

Wishing you a healthy body and mind this Fitmas season,


-the Tactio team