Tactio Fitmas Season Part 1: A Three-Step Guide for Feel-Good Indulgence.

Tactio Fitmas Season Part 1: A Three-Step Guide for Feel-Good Indulgence.

Tactio is dedicated to helping you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. But let’s face it, life happens. And during this time of year, that means Christmas parties, dinner buffets, and quality couch time with the family.

It is a very joyous time of year and there should be no time for sulking in worry of weight gain or in discouragement for not logging those 10K steps a day. However, moderation is the healthiest and (most enjoyable, if you know the off-feeling after having overeaten) way to celebrate!

Still reading? Good. Because in this three-part series, we’re sharing insider tips for the best feeling holiday season ever: the Tactio Fitmas season.

Part 1: Holidays – or the extended buffet days: Tactio’s Three-Step Guide for Feel-Good Indulgence.

First, think about leaving the calorie counter off during special meals. This is a time when food traditions are shared as an act of love, not as calories. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be eating special homemade recipes that have no nutritional labels on them anyway.

Second, abandon the “I’ll-starve-all-day-and-eat-all-night” mentality. This is NOT balance, and it WILL throw you off. Instead, try adopting the “I’ll-eat-super-healthy-and-indulge-in-my-favorites-later” mantra.

Finally, once at the party, make a full tour (without a giant plate in your hand) of the food options. Decide on three indulgent things you love. Take the smaller dessert plate as your only plate for the night. Load up on the healthier options on your first, while leaving room for those favorites. If you find yourself full even before reaching your indulgences, why not ask the party host to set some aside for you to take home later? The holiday buffet is NOT your final meal; we promise, you’ll have many more delicious ones in the future J.

Now go ahead and enjoy this merrily delicious time of the year!

And stay tuned for part two, where we share tips for fitness this Tactio Fitmas season.

Happy Fitmas!

-the Tactio Team