Health and Wellness: Five Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight, by Brian Black

While the app market seems to be dominated by the gaming industry, tablet and smart phone app developers are increasingly raising health and wellness engagement to a higher plane.

Do you remember one of the first apps to flood the phone app market? It was titled: Snake. It was the game where your black-and-white, elongated rectangle (i.e. Snake) chased after a diamond on the screen (possibly a pixilated rat). The goal of Snake was to control the rectangle in hopes that you would reach the diamond (rat) before touching/eating your own tail. Despite its primitive capabilities, Snake is still a very entertaining game. In the 14 years since Snake’s release, the phone has made more progress than during the previous 122 years of its existence. With this compounding technological advancement comes a greater capability in all areas – including your health.

While games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja have conquered the app market, health and wellness apps have crept their way into their own niche. You can find apps to count calories, advise you on proper dieting, diagnose your sickness from the symptoms you experience, and/or project you – or your loved one’s – next menstruation (for strategizing conception or gearing up for your partner’s PMS). The list is continuously growing/improving. Apps have made losing weight, managing cancer, and many other health/wellness related tasks simple and fun. This convenience is driving many to improve their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Here is a list of five highly rated weight-loss apps that caught my attention:
Target WEIGHT for Adults: This app encourages users to track their weight according to their target. By weighing in regularly, one can view one’s progress towards their weight loss and Body Mass Index goal. I chose this app over Weightbot because it tells you how long it will take you to hit your goal at your current pace. This and other features – along with its free price – make it the most attractive app to simply measure your weight. Weight Loss Brainwave: This app claims that by creating specific brainwaves through its audio tones that it can release stress and restore energy; thus mitigating compulsive eating. This either sounds revolutionary or fraudulent. Is $2.99 worth the risk? You decide.

Calorie Counter PRO: If you ever tried tracking calories on paper you will realize how much easier it is to use this app. With over 450,000 foods in its database, you are likely to find what you ate and will be one step on your way to shedding pounds. I researched numerous calorie counter apps, but Calorie Counter PRO rises above the rest with features such as the exercise calculator and detailed graphs that monitor fats, proteins, and carbs.

Intelli-Diet: Nominated best health app of 2011, Intelli-Diet takes food in your pantry and creates a healthy meal plan based on the foods you already have. Select your food preferences enter in which foods you hold in your kitchen, and voila! Your healthy diet has been made for you.

Nexercise: Is it hard for you to find pleasure in exercising? Nexercise can help with that. Using games, your social network, and a scoring system, the hope is that this app will provide the boost in energy that you need to work out regularly. Earn medals, gain bragging rights over friends, and live life with less baggage. This app is a fun way to get fit.

Apps are incredible tools that can help people improve their health/wellness. Getting and staying fit has never been more simple, affordable, and attainable. So, if you are looking to lose weight – or just maintain what you have – this list of weight-loss apps will get you on track to meet your goals.

About The Author
Brian has previously worked as a freelance writer for BlueGlass Interactive and The Examiner. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Brigham Young University and has worked for several IT and software companies since graduating school. He currently works for the John Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City, UT.