iHealth Lab Joins Forces with Tactio Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — iHealth Lab Inc., the pioneering designer and manufacturer of mobile personal healthcare products including the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock and iHealth Wireless Scale today announced it has joined forces with Tactio Software, designers of the TargetWeight suite of wellness apps for iOS devices. This alliance will make it even easier for iHealth device owners to get a clearer picture of their overall health and take appropriate steps towards better health.

Today over 2,150,000 health-conscious people from around the globe use Tactio’s TargetWeight home wellness-system and a fast growing amount with mobile healthcare devices to eliminate the burden of data entry, in similar fashion to iHealth’s test, track and share model. By integrating iHealth devices with TargetWeight, iHealth Lab product owners can now instantly deliver their vital health data, including BMI, weight, heart rate and systolic & diastolic blood pressure, directly to Tactio’s TargetWeight Pro in the privacy of their iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

“We’re excited to expand our reach to Tactio’s health-minded users,” said Adam Lin, GM of iHealth Lab. “Our companies share the same impassioned audience of men and women ranging from 35 to 55 years old who seek to balance their busy work and family lives with their desire to change their lifestyles to live happier and healthier lives.”

To begin using the TargetWeight Pro app with iHealth devices today, simply press the “Share to TargetWeight” button within the iHealth apps and health data will be securely transferred. The integration also supports multi-user accounts. Users will also soon have the option of setting up automatic updates, which will immediately import any new data from iHealth devices each time TargetWeight apps are launched.

“By integrating iHealth’s state-of-the-art Wireless Scale and Blood Pressure Dock data into TargetWeight, Tactio makes wellness tracking fun and simple for the whole family, removing the entire burden of data entry by making it all work together seamlessly,” said Michel Nadeau, President, CEO and founder of Tactio Software. “We had a lot of users asking us where they could buy the mobile healthcare devices to build their own home-health system, and now they will be able to touch it, see it and get it at their local pharmacies and several other retailers where iHealth products are available.”