Tactio Health Group

Tactio builds Remote Patient Monitoring Systems using Mobile Apps and Off-The-Shelf Connected Health Devices.


We aim at bringing the Health and Lifestyle industry a series of proactive applications that help people manage a healthy lifestyle.



Tactio Health Group is a world leader in mobile health systems with millions using its mobile health applications on iOS and Android, enjoying the personal and family benefits of being led to live a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Leading healthcare providers can use Tactio’s “Empowered Patient” mobile health tracking solutions for a wide range of preventive care applications from corporate wellness to executive health and hospitals, expanding patient web portals, home health and remote chronic disease management using the mHealth and BYOD model for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and COPD.

So easy to use all you need is one finger

Tactio software apps are made for you. They are made so you can better manage your health and the one of your loved ones, without requiring medical expertise.


Embracing mHealth Apps & B.Y.O.D. Connected Health in your Organization?

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